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4 Reasons for Landlords to Use Pay by Link

March 28, 2024
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Are you tired of hassle that comes with receiving rent payments for your apartment, guest house or villa? Pay by Link feature by Oropay might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Let’s say you manage several apartments that you promote across various platforms such as social media, travel websites, or booking portals. Every new customer requires your attention and consumes your time, as you need to send him a wire transfer request to secure the rent. This often results in a time-consuming cycle, laden with administrative burdens and potential delays.

We have asked our Head of Acquiring, Ruslans Jefimovs, to comment on it: “That’s when Oropay Pay by Link comes in. This feature not only streamlines purchases on your website but also allows you to engage with your customers through their preferred channels — whether that’s email, social media or direct links via messenger app. Since communication via text messages is more personal and the transaction – easier, customers are more inclined to check out.”

Let’s have a closer look on how it works.

1. Personalized Check Out Page

All you need to do is generate a link in the Oropay back office that takes customers directly to a secure checkout page to complete their purchase with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can design the checkout page in your brand colours and according to your brand guidelines, add apartment pictures, include additional information, and send it as a link directly to the client’s email, via a messaging app, SMS or any other way convenient for you. The significant advantage of this payment method is the absence of the need for parties to exchange their banking details, as the payment is processed just like in an online store – the buyer simply enters the number and other basic credentials of his payment card.

2. Manage Your Payments in Back Office

Many landlords enjoy following their financial flow in a dashboard, gaining insights into their rent payment status, payment history, and monthly turnover. This way, they easily keep track of their finances and feel confident about their rental arrangements. As Ruslans explains, once the payment link has been generated, you get access to the transactional data and can manage and track it in one centralized space – the back office of Oropay system. With a few clicks, you get a comprehensive overview of your rental income, making it easy to monitor and reconcile the payments, so that you can focus on what matters most – your property and your guests.

3. Reasonable Costs for Accepting Payments

No one likes transactional costs that are eating into your rental income. Oropay understands the importance of maximizing your revenue. With the fair and transparent costs for payment processing, you can rest assured that a significant portion of your hard-earned money stays where it belongs – on your account. Therefore, you will get personalized, reasonable pricing that will be based on your turnover, experience, and background chargeback data. Feel free to receive our price offer by completing our application form.

4. Your One-Stop Financial Solution

Oropay is a good choice if along with your rental payment processing, you want to get access to a secure banking platform, which allows you to make quick and secure SEPA and SWIFT payments in various currencies. Additionally, you get access to Oropay’s issued VISA cards – both plastic and virtual VISA cards for your online and in-store purchases. This is the way to benefit from the convenience of managing your finances and payments in an easy-to-use financial app.

Ruslans takes a closer look at some Oropay pay by link solution benefits that should not be missed:

  • No Integration Needed for a Website: You don’t need to be a tech guy to enjoy the benefits of Oropay Pay by Link on your website – no integration is needed. All you need to do is just sign up, and you’re ready to go. You will be able to generate your personalized link to request payments for your rental property.
  • International Coverage: Recognizing the importance for the hospitality industry to accept payments from the guests worldwide, we will make sure you have access to the global payment processing services. Therefore, no matter which country your customers come from, your payments will be processed smoothly.
  • Secured Transactions: Oropay ensures the security of your financial transactions through its trusted partners, providing peace of mind for both tenants and landlords.

From its user-friendly back office to the convenience of generating payment links, Oropay service is designed with your needs in mind. Experience the freedom of simplified financial management and increase the speed of receiving your rental payments!

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Oro Pay Ltd (license number is authorized as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Law of 2012 for the issuance of electronic money. OROPAY is a registered trademark/ brand name of Oro Pay Ltd. All rights reserved © Oro Pay Ltd 2023.