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Boost your business with our payment gateway!

Our platform offers a seamless payment processing experience, designed to boost revenue and enhance financial control. Experience the future of online transactions with our fast, effortless, and streamlined solution. Join the vanguard of digital commerce, where every transaction is a step towards success.
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Global Payment Acceptance:

Embrace worldwide transactions with VISA, MASTERCARD, and Alternative Payment Methods.

Conversion Optimization:

Enhance your conversion rates, maximizing business potential effortlessly.

Unified User Experience:

Consistently excellent UX across your website and app for seamless interaction.

Fraud Protection:

Safeguard your business with robust, state-of-the-art fraud prevention measures.

Intuitive Fund Management:

Manage your funds effortlessly with our intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Personal Account

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Dual-Linked Cards! Elevate your spending flexibility with a VISA plastic card for all your physical store purchases and ATM needs. Tap into seamless, secure payments at any contactless terminal. Plus, embrace the convenience of digital spending with your own VIRTUAL card, perfect for daily online transactions. Quick, easy, and designed for your safety and convenience.
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Discover the ease of managing your finances with our integrated solutions. Create and manage accounts for simplified financial control and experience the convenience of our user-friendly mobile app. Choose between plastic and virtual VISA cards for secure transactions, and enjoy efficient, swift payment solutions with SEPA and SWIFT, available in a range of currencies. Oropay is your partner in seamless and secure financial management.
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Account Flexibility

Effortlessly create and manage multiple IBAN accounts, simplifying your financial management.

On IOS and Android

Download our app for a seamless, smart interface packed with handy features.

Versatile Card Options

Choose from plastic or virtual VISA cards for secure, manageable online and in-store transactions.

Efficient Payment Solutions

Experience quick, secure SEPA and SWIFT payments with a variety of available currencies.

Zero hassle benefits

No hidden fees
No fees for the first VISA Virtual Debit card
No paperwork
No account charges for Basic level
No queues
No chat bot. Live Customer Support
No credit checks
No minimum balance required
Empowering Access to Your Finances

Spend Worldwide

Shop and withdraw funds worldwide with your VISA car

Wire Transfers

Send and receive SEPA and SWIFT international payments

Easy top-up

Add funds to your account via bank card or transfer

Payment Gateway

Online payment solutions to help your business grow


Free instant transfers between clients

Why Us

Choose Oropay, where innovation and expertise converge in the FinTech world. Regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus, we offer user-friendly financial solutions tailored for both private and corporate clients. Our mission is simple: to simplify your transactions with trust, quality, and constant evolution. Experience convenience and excellence with our expanding range of services, driven by a team committed to redefining financial transactions.

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We place your happiness at the heart of our service. Dedicated to providing excellent customer support, we're always here to enhance your experience with our products. To get in touch with us, kindly fill out the form beside. Our responsive Team is eager to assist and will contact you promptly.
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Oro Pay Ltd (license number is authorized as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Law of 2012 for the issuance of electronic money. OROPAY is a registered trademark/ brand name of Oro Pay Ltd. All rights reserved © Oro Pay Ltd 2023.
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Oro Pay Ltd (license number is authorized as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Law of 2012 for the issuance of electronic money. OROPAY is a registered trademark/ brand name of Oro Pay Ltd. All rights reserved © Oro Pay Ltd 2023.