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Use OROPAY Debit Card to cover your business expenses. Instantly transfer money to your employees' wallets with a 0% fee and cover your business's daily expenses.

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Open your OROPAY Personal Account and receive your salary instantly from your employer (Business Account) and use your debit card for your daily expenses online, in-store, and at ATMs.

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You can easily transfer or receive funds between your family, friends, and colleagues. It's simple, safe, and secure. You just need to enter their email, telephone number, or Wallet ID.

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Our payment process is simple, reliable, and secure.

Using your OROPAY eWallet reduces your personal and financial information exposure to others.

All we ask for is your email and password, leaving your sensitive data safely kept with you.

We are always alert and ready to address any suspicious activity.
Our system and processes are designed to avert any security threats and to ward off any fraudulent activity, constantly protecting your sensitive information.

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