As a Client you agree to act in a manner acceptable to the terms and conditions of the Agreement you enter with OROPAY, and you also acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to comply with all applicable laws in using the OROPAY services irrespective of the reasons behind the use of these services. You further agree that you must adhere to this policy of Acceptable Use.

Prohibited Activities

OROPAY does not allow and you agree not to use the OROPAY services for activities that are in violation of any law, regulation, directive, act, and decree. OROPAY also prohibits the use of its services for transactions that relate to the following list of items described in the table below:


  1. Stolen Goods
  2. Narcotics and drug paraphernalia
  3. Steroids, Controlled Substances and other products that pose a threat to consumer safety
  4. Cigarettes
  5. Any item that infringes on a patent or violates any trademark, copyright, right of publicity or privacy and any other proprietary right under the law of any jurisdiction
  6. Sexually oriented material or services that are or offensive nature
  7. Weapons or knives that are regulated under jurisdictional laws, embargos and other international export/import controls. Also any firearms, ammunition and other firearm accessories that may be prohibited by law
  8. Any items that endorse, enable, or tutor persons to engage in illegal activities
  9. Anything that promotes racial intolerance, hate and violence
  10. Anything that allows for financial gains from of a crime
  11. Support Ponzi schemes and other such schemes that promise quick profits and substantial wealth
  12. Certain multi-level marketing programs
  13. Money orders and sale of travelers cheques
  14. Anything that relates to corruption and bribery
  15. Lottery contracts and annuities

OROPAY has the right as per the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement to prohibit any transaction that it deems potentially fraudulent, illegal or illicit.

Approval Requiring Activities

Certain services may not be prohibited but due to their higher risk nature will require OROPAY approval prior to OROPAY accepting any payment transactions that relate to such services. The list of such services can be found in the table below.

  1. Collection of donations from charities or other not-for-profit organizations
  2. Sale of alcohol and tobacco products other than Cigarettes
  3. E-cigarettes
  4. Prescription drugs and personal medical devices
  5. Sale of jewelry or dealing in precious stones and precious metals
  6. Selling stored value cards and vouchers
  7. Provision of escrow and companion services
  8. Selling of transferable securities (including forex contracts) and other investment type instruments including interests in private entities or properties
  9. Crowd funding investments
  10. File sharing and Peer to Peer transfers
  11. Newsgroups access
  12. Airline and chartered flight / corporate jet (scheduled or unscheduled) or any other type of non- cargo air flight activities

Violations Report and Enquiries

OROPAY encourages its clients to report any potential violations of this Policy immediately. For such reporting and to submit any other compliance specific query to OROPAY, kindly send an email to [email protected]